5 Bathroom Remodel Tips

If you hire pros or doing it yourself. Here’s a few tips to help with your bathroom remodel.

1. Tiling The Showing, Do It Like A Pro.

If you are performing a bathroom remodel and need to retile or tile your shower, you can do it like a pro. Start from the bottom row. Be sure to place the tiles level. The bottom row is the most important. If it is not level or set correctly then the whole tile job will be thrown off. Please take your time and go slowly.

2. Use the Wainscot Board To cover

In a bathroom remodel, you may find holes or minor dings in your walls. You can use this pre fab board that extends up to 48 inches high to cover these damages. This board will cover or resurface the area instead of having to replace it. But if you have mold on your walls, you will have to replace them.

3. Using Used Items For A Bathroom Remodel Is Okay.

Doors, mirrors, sinks, toilets and tubs found at your local habitat for humanity store are okay to use. Also, you can check online on Ebay, or Etsy. Apps like Offer Up, or Let It Go have used items that can improve the the look and experience of your bathroom remodel.

4. Be careful when hiring a contractor.

When hiring a contractor for your bathroom remodel, do extensive research. Have your own design and talk it out with them. If they can give free insight and professional advice they may be a great cadidant for he job. Also, supplying your own materials will make the job cheaper. Try Fiverr for creative 3d bathroom designers. They will be cheaper because of the competition, also the more stars they have, the better quality they will be.

5. Making Simple Changes Will Change The Overall Look Of Your Bathroom

Simply painting the walls or changing the hardware, handles and knobs of your cabniets and doors can be an instant bathroom remodel and different look for your bathroom. You can choose different themes by doing this. Vintage, rustic, wood, or iron styles can improve the overall look to your bathroom.