Gutters and Gutter Repair

Gutters and gutter repair are in the natural order of things. Gutters are one of the items that homeowners often overlook. When you need a gutter repair, there are certain things that you must look for in a gutter repair contractor. Here is a list of 5 things that every good gutter repair contractor must do.

While the lifespan of home gutters varies depending on weather conditions, proper routine maintenance and other factors, the National Association of Home Builders estimates 20 years as the average life of galvanized steel or aluminum gutters and 50 years for copper gutters

What are Gutters

A rain gutter or area water collection channel a part of water flow system for a building. Water from an angled roof flows down into a trough gutter, a parapet gutter or even an eaves gutter.

Not all homes need a gutter system. Gutter systems may not be needed in an arid climate and areas immune to periods of heavy rains. The rest of us need a good system to collect the storm water that comes down on our roofs and directs the collected water far from your home.

Gutter Aprons

apron for gutter installation
Gutter Apron Installation

According to website SF Gate, some gutter systems that fail to catch rainwater can result in rotting fascia, moldy siding and even a damaged structure. To make sure rainwater flows seamlessly from the roof to the inside of the gutter, many roofers and gutter hangers install gutter aprons. While protecting the roof sheathing from rot, a gutter apron also keeps water from getting behind the gutter. They are particularly useful when roof shingles don’t extend far enough out to direct water into the gutter.

Ultimately, the gutter apron installation requires that the apron goes over the roof deck, beneath the shingles and over the edge of the gutters. Typically used when shingles do never protrude far enough past the edge of the gutter, or on a low slope, exactly where water could possibly wick back. Water has no where to go except into the gutter.