Pitfalls of Ownership

At Ratel Ventures we work with a lot of property owners, and we experience a lot of interactions with the real estate community.  A growing percentage of apartment renters aren’t considering buying a home as affordability challenges take a bigger toll on American aspirations of home ownership.

When you start contemplating buying your first house, it’s easy to allow your emotions reign. Before you know it, you’re stalking homes available for sale on your home-browsing app, rearranging your schedule so you can do drive-bys.

Buying a home is a time consuming experience, together with the largest purchase many people make in a lifetime. Knowing the process can help make it easier. When you purchase a home, there are many safety steps that you have to enjoy the area of safety. Home ownership can come with a number of pitfalls. From fires to floods, there are an amount of measures that you can require on “the safe side” of things. Here is a list of five items that you can use to protect your house against some of the major pitfalls that nearly every homeowner encounters. Check out, this list will make a ton of sense.

Sump Pump Alarm

Have you ever heard of a flooded basement? If you’ve ever seen or experienced a flooded basement, you can understand the value of a sump pump alarm. Sump pumps are what keep any backup ground water from running into your basement. Think about what would happen if you had an alarm that let you know if your pump was malfunctioning, you could address the problem immediately.

Fire Retardant Spray

If you like to burn candles or have a fireplace or even have a number of electronics, you have a fire risk in your  home. A fire retardant spray for fabric is valuable to help prevent fires in your home or office.

Toilet Plunger

Could you imagine a guest coming to your home, having them go to the bathroom over your house, and let them, “clog your toilet”. Oh no. There’s nothing more valuable to have at the time than a handy dandy plunger nearby. Need I say more?

Mower Blade Sharpener

Imagine spending hours upon hours cutting your grass only to finish and have your yard look terrible? My oh my. It’s probably because you have a dull lawn mower blade. A mower blade sharpener can easily address that kind of issue.

So as you see, there are a number of problems that we see new or existing homeowners deal with. Hopefully this guide has been a great resource for you!