Top 16 Items Homeowners Often Overlook

Forgetting to Conduct Annual HVAC Inspections


Could you imagine being in a the middle of July and discovering on a 96 degree day that surprise! You’ve run out of Freon. The worst, and most expensive time to need a HVAC service call or repair is when it’s an emergency air conditioning or an emergency furnace outage. Ouch!

Failing to Call a Professional for Major Plumbing Projectsplumber

I know that it may seem like a no-brainer. But remember the purpose of plumbing. Plumbing is meant to get wastewater out, and clean water in. Is a sump pump replacement in the middle of a heavy rainstorm the best proposition? Though it may seem tempting, a basement full of backed up water is no fun to clean up, just because you forgot to install a return valve. Aye caramba.

Not Taking the Time to Clear Dirt and Debris

A leading cause of house fires is because debris and trash have piled in a location. Rodents, bugs and spiders love piles of dirt and debris as well. Want them moving into your beautiful 5 bedroom house with a finished basement? Prevent an emergency pest control call by clearing dirt and debris.

dirty air filter clean air filter

Not Replacing HVAC Air Filters

Filters catch allergens, dust, animal dander, dead skin, all of that stuff. Want to take a chance breathing that stuff in.

Failing to Clean Your Gutters

Backed up gutters lead to over weighted and rusted gutters which can lead to an ultimate roof repair or a complete roof replacement. However laborious the task of cleaning out gutters may appear to be, at the end of the day, it’s worth the time, and expense.

Failing to Look for Red Flagsred flag

Things such as slow backing up drains, buckled walls, or large puddles, funny smells and the like. All of those factors indicate something in wrong with one of the many moving parts in a home.

Hiring the Neighbor Down the Street

There was an author that said, “fences make good neighbors..”. However skilled your neighbor may in “fixing things around the house”, your home is your largest investment. Don’t ruin your home and the relationship you have with your neighbor because of a failed ceiling fan installation.

smoke detector

Failing to Service Smoke Detectors


Where there is smoke, there is fire. The last thing you want to happen is in the event of a fire is to not be alerted by the detector of smoke in your home. You’d hate the ability to extinguish a potentially fatal and huge fire, all because you neglected to put a 9-volt battery in a smoke detector.

Hiring the Wrong Contractorscarpenter


Just like it sounds. Make sure to hire the right contractor to replace your roof or fix the garage door. Not hiring the best contractor for the job could mean an expensive future repair, all to because you failed to hire the right contractor for the job.


Buying the Right Insurance

Insurance is what makes us whole after a major calamity. Buy the best type of homeowners insurance in your area. A qualified insurance professional can be there to help in the time of need, primarily when you’re buying something so valuable of your time.


Going With the Lowest Bid

Cheap doesn’t mean best. Yes, price should be a factor when determining the ROI of a deck install, however, the quality of the work should be a major factor in any home improvement job.

insurance claim form

Submitting Small Insurance Claims


Just like with your vehicle, the more claims that you submit to your insurance, the higher your rates become. Homeowners insurance is there for a reason. Make sure your insurance agent gives you the best advice on what types of claims are “worth” submitting.


Making Improvements Without Checking the ROI

Some home improvements may outpace the rest of your area, causing an out of line home value. The best idea is that before you begin a project, talk to contractors, neighbors and other professionals. It may just be time to up size or downsize your home based on ROI.


Going on a Furnishing Spreenew furniture


Tempting as it may be, you buy assets and not liabilities. Take your time when furnishing your home. Often, our eyes are much larger than our budget.


Throwing Away Receipts and Important Paperwork

You’d be surprised of all of the items that are deductible when you own a home. Also, there are a number of items that are covered in your home warranty. Without those major pieces of information available, you could be making a very costly mistake.


Ignoring Small Items on Your Home buying Inspection Reporthome inspection report


Small things become large things very quickly. A small missed item on your home inspection report can result in a costly item in the long run. Not only is it annoying, but it also is something that can be addressed easily before you sign on the dotted line to purchase your home.